Ooooops! One of our Members just moved and accidentally took the CenturyLink modem, cables, box, power brick, password sheet, etc. … the whole schlemiel!

And that’s an OUCH!

An ouch to the tune of $150 gear replacement plus a $150 CL service call.

Please remember that the CL gear is part of our ongoing contract. When you sell and move, the new owner “inherits” the equipment and assumes one of our contracted 44 HOA Internet lines.

We’ve done well with the first several houses that have flipped but this time signaled we all could use a reminder.

So if and when you move, please save yourself $300 by remembering to leave the CL modem plugged in, with the box and all accessories (including the setup and password sheets) sitting next to it.

You are also responsible for returning the modem back to its original Admin Username and Admin Password (if you have changed them).

And if you haven’t changed anything, but are contemplating it, please don’t as (1) the modem already has factory-set unique identifiers that are provided and very secure and (2) it causes great angst for your friendly neighborhood webslinger (that’s me!).


Mark Doyle
Internet Committee Chair and Webmaster



VDO Members, please be alert to the following – ALL have happened before and will undoubtedly happen again:

There have been bear sightings along the wash paralleling 3 Canyons Rd. (to the South, coming out of Hunter Canyon). Every few years we have some renegade trash bin raiding, so please keep your full trash bins “IN” until your trash pickup day.

Multiple undocumented northbound travelers who choose not to enter via the ports of entry have been detained and re-routed by Border Patrol in the last two weeks, both in the Hunter Canyon area as well as along 3 Canyons Rd.

Lastly – If you are in the habit of leaving your garage door open, be aware that certain legless fanged creatures may enjoy the shady cool cave-like features of your garage. (Don’t ask me how I personally know this.)

Thanks, and please keep your eyes out for you and your neighbors.

Lynn Mattingly
VDO President


The Huffs are moving back to Iowa and have LOTS and LOTS of goodies that won’t be joining them on the journey.

They’ve contracted with a company to host an estate sale and this provides TWO opportunities for HOA Members:

1. Attend the sale and scoop up some treasures!

2. Host a garage sale yourself that weekend and piggyback off Cactus Estate Sale’s advertising and attendance. If you go that route, REMEMBER to place signage at the 3 Canyons Gate and/or down here at our own VDO entrance. That way, folks attending the Cactus/Huff event will also know of your sale.

Friday, September 4 and Saturday, September 5
8:00 am to 1:00 pm ONLY
(No Early Birds Please)
5810 E. Silver Leaf Court

Huff items include: furniture (couch set, dining room table set with hutch, bedroom set, trundle bed, large entertainment center, custom built wall bed, and office center), kitchen items, holiday decorations, bedding, office supplies, clothes, and MORE!

The Huffs will receive a temporary gate code that Cactus will advertise and that Jane and Ray can share with you several days before the sale weekend. (huffrayjane at gmail dot com)



Just a friendly reminder that although we all care about wild animals, we’re not helping them, or ourselves, by leaving food scraps outside to feed them.

Fruit, melon rinds, treats, and leftovers are a sure magnet for raccoons, javelina, fox, coyotes, etc. and these species are potentially dangerous, not only to yourself, but to the community and its pets.

Many now carry rabies and Cochise County warns us that rabies can be transmitted from wild animals to pets, and then to humans.

So please dispose of food properly … in your mouth or in your garbage can!

Reminder: 3 Canyons Annual & First Board Meeting

The 3 Canyons Annual & First Board Meeting for FY 2020 will be held this Saturday, July 11, at 9:30 am at the Palominas Fire Training Center (10202 Hwy 92 in Hereford). All VDO members are welcome to attend.

In addition, the 3 Canyons HOA is looking for volunteers for some of their committees so they won’t have to hire a management company (which would raise assessments).

Details on the agenda and the open positions are here:

Diana Doyle
VDO Secretary


Front Entry Monument Painting Begins Soon & Architectural Committee Changes

The painting contractor hired to re-paint the front entry monument expects to start work mid- to late-next week (likely starting on Thursday July 9th).

Please slow down and be alert for unexpected activity as you pass through the front entrance!

Also, in June the Board voted unanimously to approve the nomination of Lynn Mattingly and Bob Arrigoni/Bettina Arrigoni to join Scott Sticha on the Architectural Committee. A big thank you to Gerry Rovner for serving on the committee for so many years!

Diana Doyle
VDO Secretary




All proceeds go to the local kid’s backpack and school supply project run by Christian Tarantino.

Contents include about 675 TITLES.

There are actually many more discs as some titles (especially TV seasons) have multiple DVDs. There are approximately 566 movies (some Blu-Ray), 56 TV shows (season box sets and episodes), 7 comedian concerts, 7 books, 5 exercise routines (mostly yoga), and 34 music CDs.

See photos for complete offering. There is also a PDF list of the categories and titles linked here [Titles and Categories].

$500 gets about 10 kids supplied to go back to school this fall … feel free to offer more!

mark at semi-local dot com