Changes to Exterior Structures or Landscaping Need Prior HOA Approval

A friendly reminder that we all voluntarily purchased a home within two HOAs, and that means we must abide by the HOA rules. Before doing anything, be sure to pass your ideas by our volunteer Architectural Committee. It’s easy, prompt, and will save you a lot of hassle — including potential fines. Design Guidelines and approval forms can be found on the [Documents] Page.

Thank you,

VDO Architectural Committee



Please consider volunteering! Our current rep has recently moved, and the 3 Canyons Board will appoint a replacement member at their January 13th meeting. It’s important that our Section, which is comprised of VDO and Fairfield Estates, has someone representing our community’s interests within 3 Canyons. To find out more about this modest commitment, contact VDO President, Lynn Mattingly (