Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Help, I have a rattlesnake on my property! Who do I call?

    Call the Cochise County non-emergency dispatch at 520-803-3555 and they will send someone from the local fire department to collect it.

  2. Who do I call for Neighborhood Watch suspicious activity?

    You can use the same Cochise County non-emergency dispatch number, 520-803-3555, or call the Sheriff Department’s non-emergency number directly (520-803-3551). *** Call 911 for emergencies or time-sensitive reports. ***

  3. I want to be a good neighbor, what are the “high points” of the CC&Rs?

    Thank you for asking and here are a few quick references [QUICK REFERENCES]! Yes, there are some minimum property and courtesy standards which all residents (owners and tenants) are obliged to follow and are among the main reasons we all choose to live in VDO. The legal duty of an HOA is to enforce higher standards to maintain property and resale values. (Details are, in fact, communicated as part of the home-buying process.) Property owners are responsible for the actions of their tenants and guests and, as a general rule, any reminders and compliance actions will be directed to the property owner.

    Here are some important VDO rules. For complete details and the full text in its proper context, see our Governing Documents [DOCS] and Design Guidelines [DESIGN GUIDELINES].

    Exterior Changes
    All changes to the lot or residence must go through the VDO Architectural Committee approval process (CCR 3.1). See below, number 4.

    25 MPH Speed Limit
    Slow down and share the road! We have no sidewalks and children, pets, pedestrians, and cyclists are also out there.

    Screen Your Stuff
    Propane tanks, garbage cans, clotheslines, firewood storage, and so on must be screened from neighboring properties. (Design Guidelines)

    Accessory Structures
    Sheds, garages, and so on must match the construction style and materials of the main residence or neighborhood AND be approved by the VDO Architectural Committee. See below, number 4. (Design Guidelines)

    Dark Skies
    All exterior lights must not be directed toward or reflect upon surrounding properties. (Design Guidelines)

    Trash Containers
    All trash containers must be kept in an enclosed area or screened from neighboring properties (CCR 3.10).

    No more than two dogs, cats, or similar house pets, on leashes, and housed out of sight. Pets are not to be a nuisance to other Members, which includes making an unreasonable amount of noise (CCR 3.16).

    No long-term on-street parking. Park in a garage, or on a garage apron or driveway (CCR 3.20.2). No more than three vehicles parked in an unscreeened area (3 Canyons Rule 04/13/11).

    Trailers and RVs
    Trailers, utility trailers, and recreational vehicles must be parked “out of sight” except for 48 hours within any 7-day period (CCR 3.20.4). Permission for a longer duration may be requested through the VDO Board.

    Off-Road Vehicles
    ORVs are not allowed on Common Area B, the Conservation easement property (CCR 4.6 and Cochise County Regulations).

    You are required to maintain both the home and the landscaping of your property (CCR 7.2).

  4. I’d like to make some changes to my property. How should I proceed?

    Before you do ANYTHING, contact a member of our Architectural Committee []. The CC&Rs require that any exterior changes to structures (dimensions, elevations, colors, etc.), walls, fences, or driveways must be approved by the Architectural Committee PRIOR to construction. To obtain approval you must submit a completed Architectural Approval Checklist and any necessary supporting DOCUMENTS. If necessary, your plan will be submitted to the 3 Canyons Master Design Committee. Failure to follow this process may result in fines!

  5. Do I have to mow my entire property?

    Arizona communities do have wildlife and fire concerns that dictate a reasonable amount of “defensible space” but, NO, the HOA does not require or suggest you mow your entire lot. In fact, as a conservation-minded HOA we pride ourselves on “Mowing in Moderation.” You can read more about this in a poster created by some of your neighbors [Mow in Moderation]. And the University of Arizona has produced general firewise guidelines titled, [Creating Wildfire-Defensible Spaces for Your Home and Property].

  6. Is there a trash company I’m required to use?

    You may use any trash disposal service you choose. Some may offer a VDO discount IF REQUESTED. Companies that serve this area are:
    Waste Management: 800-668-0902
    San Pedro Valley Sanitation: 520-720-4100
    Waste Disposal: 877-719-2783 (for larger wheeled containers)

  7. Is there a propane company I’m required to use?

    You may use any propane service you choose. Companies that serve this area are:
    AmeriGas: 520-378-2326
    Barnett’s Propane: 520-458-4541

  8. I’m a renter in VDO. How do I get my name on the email list to receive general community notices?

    Send your name and email to one of the VDO Board Members. Emails are kept confidential and newsletters are sent via bcc.

  9. How are HOA assessments determined for VDO and 3 Canyons?

    All VDO Members (whether a vacant or developed lot) pay the same HOA rate, which covers community expenses such as taxes, fees, insurance, road and front entrance maintenance, and mowing. Only lots with homes pay for the Internet service. 3 Canyons Ranch Master HOA assessments are determined by both lot acreage and house size. Any additional 3 Canyons HOA questions should be directed to our section representative:

  10. How are VDO assessments paid?

    The yearly VDO assessment for 2023 is $330 for a vacant lot or $690 for a lot with a home (which includes Internet service). VDO assessments are due yearly on February 28th and are considered late if unpaid 15 or more days after the due date (ARS 33-1803 A). There is an Assessment Late Fee of 10% of Current Assessment (ARS 33-1803 A) and the interest on unpaid assessments is 12% per annum (CCR 6.8.1). The Transfer Fee is $200 (CCR 6.12). NOTE: This does not include the 3 Canyons Ranch Master HOA fees.