About Our Community

A Nature Conservation Subdivision

Cochise Vista Del Oro is a residential village located ten miles south of Sierra Vista, Arizona, on the eastern slope of the Huachuca Mountains, in the Chihuahuan grasslands overlooking San Pedro River Valley. The community is set within 3 Canyons Ranch, a former working ranch now a 6,500-acre rural gated community of several-acre lots, horse properties, and agricultural grazeland. The Vista Del Oro community covers 132 acres, designed on the principle of “one acre for homes and two acres for conservation.” There are 44 residential lots of about one acre each [PLAT MAP], HOA-maintained paved roads, and 75 acres of community nature conservation open space.

The VDO Story

About Our Neighbors

Bike, hike, bird, or stargaze—right out the doorstep

Located near Coronado National Forest and its network of trails, there’s plenty to do for those who love cycling, mountain biking, birding, or hiking. Many residents enjoy letting the wildlife come to them — for example, we’ve collectively recorded 197 bird species in the neighborhood [CHECKLIST]. And the “Sky Islands” circle our horizon: from the west clockwise are the Huachucas, Mustangs, Whetstones, Rincons, Santa Catalinas, Galiuros, Pinaleños, Dragoons, Chiricahuas, Mules, Peloncillos, Cerro San Jose, and Sierra los Ajos.

Our Googlehood

For those who enjoy stargazing, the community’s CC&Rs ensure we all are Dark Sky friendly, allowing residents to take photos like this of the Rosetta Nebula.