1. 3 Canyons Board Meeting tomorrow @ 5:30 PM. Someone will be assigned to represent our section 20W. Please consider attending.http://az3canyons.com/index.php
  2. Last week one of our members found a very large Western Diamondback rattlesnake in his garage who thought it would make a nice warm cave to spend the winter. The fire department was called and persuaded her to leave without incident. Leaving your garage doors open for long periods may be detrimental to your health, so please be alert.
  3. The invoices for the 2021 assessments were sent out by email yesterday. If you have not received it, contact VDOHOATreasurer@vistadeloro.org. Assessments are due by the end of February even if the invoice is in your spam folder.
  4. Remember that most exterior changes to your property need to go through the free and quick approval process, which is much more economical (and way less aggravating) than asking for forgiveness.
  5. Remember to be appreciative of the many volunteers that donate their time to run our two HOA’s. It saves many thousands of our dollars when a management company does not have to be involved. The good condition of our homes and yards is why you decided to purchase here and it will help you sell when it’s time to leave, so don’t be so cranky when you get a friendly reminder of the rules we all signed up to follow.

Lynn Mattingly
VDO President

Changes to Exterior Structures or Landscaping Need Prior HOA Approval

A friendly reminder that we all voluntarily purchased a home within two HOAs, and that means we must abide by the HOA rules. Before doing anything, be sure to pass your ideas by our volunteer Architectural Committee. It’s easy, prompt, and will save you a lot of hassle — including potential fines. Design Guidelines and approval forms can be found on the [Documents] Page.

Thank you,

VDO Architectural Committee



Please consider volunteering! Our current rep has recently moved, and the 3 Canyons Board will appoint a replacement member at their January 13th meeting. It’s important that our Section, which is comprised of VDO and Fairfield Estates, has someone representing our community’s interests within 3 Canyons. To find out more about this modest commitment, contact VDO President, Lynn Mattingly (vdohoapresident@vistadeloro.org).


Fall Meeting Logistics & Handouts

Agenda: The agenda is linked (left) and here: [AGENDA].

Financials: The 2020 YTD and Proposed 2021 Budget financials are linked here: [FINANCIALS].

Revised Design Guidelines: The Architectural Committee has revised the Design Guidelines and the five documents needing approval are stored in a Public Dropbox Folder linked here: [NEW DG DOCS]. *** Note that these VDO Design Guidelines are the documents that will be used on required approvals for exterior changes to one’s property until revised sometime well into the future. ***

Please print these out to review and discuss as handouts will not be provided. 

See you there!

Diana Doyle



This is a reminder for our upcoming Fall Board Meeting. (Note: We need at least five HOA households attending to meet quorum.)

When: Saturday, October 17th

Time: “Sign-in” will start at 4:00 pm. The meeting will commence promptly at 4:05 pm and conclude well before dinner.

Where: 5910 E Hunter Creek Ct. (Mattingly residence)

Agenda: Another VDO NEWS will be sent out shortly with the draft agenda and a link to any handouts.

Social-Distancing Logistics:

  1. Due to the virus, the meeting will be held in the Mattingly’s yard versus the dining room.
  2. There will be sanitized plastic chairs spaced apart, or you can bring your own chair.
  3. “Sign-in” will be by roll call rather than the usual clipboard and pen.
  4. No refreshments will be offered. Bring your own beverages.
  5. No handouts will be provided. Bring your own handouts, printed out from the link to be provided in an upcoming announcement.

Hope to see you there!

Diana Doyle, Secretary

Ooooops! One of our Members just moved and accidentally took the CenturyLink modem, cables, box, power brick, password sheet, etc. … the whole schlemiel!

And that’s an OUCH!

An ouch to the tune of $150 gear replacement plus a $150 CL service call.

Please remember that the CL gear is part of our ongoing contract. When you sell and move, the new owner “inherits” the equipment and assumes one of our contracted 44 HOA Internet lines.

We’ve done well with the first several houses that have flipped but this time signaled we all could use a reminder.

So if and when you move, please save yourself $300 by remembering to leave the CL modem plugged in, with the box and all accessories (including the setup and password sheets) sitting next to it.

You are also responsible for returning the modem back to its original Admin Username and Admin Password (if you have changed them).

And if you haven’t changed anything, but are contemplating it, please don’t as (1) the modem already has factory-set unique identifiers that are provided and very secure and (2) it causes great angst for your friendly neighborhood webslinger (that’s me!).


Mark Doyle
Internet Committee Chair and Webmaster



Reminder: 3 Canyons Annual & First Board Meeting

The 3 Canyons Annual & First Board Meeting for FY 2020 will be held this Saturday, July 11, at 9:30 am at the Palominas Fire Training Center (10202 Hwy 92 in Hereford). All VDO members are welcome to attend.

In addition, the 3 Canyons HOA is looking for volunteers for some of their committees so they won’t have to hire a management company (which would raise assessments).

Details on the agenda and the open positions are here: http://az3canyons.com/index.php.

Diana Doyle
VDO Secretary


Front Entry Monument Painting Begins Soon & Architectural Committee Changes

The painting contractor hired to re-paint the front entry monument expects to start work mid- to late-next week (likely starting on Thursday July 9th).

Please slow down and be alert for unexpected activity as you pass through the front entrance!

Also, in June the Board voted unanimously to approve the nomination of Lynn Mattingly and Bob Arrigoni/Bettina Arrigoni to join Scott Sticha on the Architectural Committee. A big thank you to Gerry Rovner for serving on the committee for so many years!

Diana Doyle
VDO Secretary

VDO Members:

My first error this year was thinking that an HOA CCR violation or back assessments would ‘go with the property’.  That is incorrect, trumped by both by our own CCR’s (6.8.3) and the Arizona Revised Statutes. 33-1807_B_2 & 3 which puts the first mortgage holder plus any taxes owed in ‘first’ position.   An opinion from our HOA attorney confirmed this. (Thanks to HOA member Lois Bloom for nudging me in the correct direction.)

Assessments & CCR violations that generated a penalty would be wiped clean if / when the bank forecloses and we would need to file suit against the property owner, which in the case of these two lots (02, 12) would likely not be recoverable even after expending up-front attorney fees.  (The homes are going back to the bank for a reason.)

Lot 02 is the 2nd home in our neighborhood, 8710 S. Palisades Dr, and in bad need of landscaping maintenance as I’m sure all have noticed.  At the recent board meeting, the board authorized an expenditure not to exceed $2,500.00 for cleanup which, at the time was thought to be eventually recoverable.

Lot 12 is at 5838 E. Hickory Court, and the bank is scheduled for the trustee’s sale on June 10.  This property maintenance should not be an issue if the sale takes place prior to the monsoon season. However the violations and the uncollected yearly assessments will likely go uncollected.

So here is what I’m looking for feedback on:

  1. Do we allocate an amount not to exceed $750.00 to dress up just the ‘front’ of Lot 02 with the thought that it will not be recovered?
    a. Depending upon the time frame before the bank will eventually foreclose we may be on the hook for some additional cleanup.
    b. Once the bank takes possession we have hooks into them to maintain per the CCR’s or pay the HOA to perform these duties at their expense.
  2. Do we look the other way when we or guests or potential purchasers drive past? 
  3. Do we have a willing group of volunteers that would want to adopt this project?

We can convene a special board meeting with 25% of the members requesting same, per our bylaws. 

Or, you can reply to anyone on the board your thoughts which we will take into account.

This is not a good situation and I apologize in advance for any potential anguish this may create.

Lynn Mattingly, President
vdohoapresident at vistadeloro dot org