The Stichas recently had a bee problem and made this recommendation:

“Gilbert Mills (520-459-0053) from Sierra Vista provided great service and even some entertainment in collecting the bees and taking them to his house, and all for only $150. He also sells honey.”




Seniors-Only Grocery Hours

All three major grocery stores in Sierra Vista are offering Seniors-Only Hours:

Walmart — Tue 0600-0700 hrs (60+)
Fry’s — Mon thru Thu 0600-0700 hrs (60+)
Safeway — Tue and Thu 0700-0900 hrs (65+)

If you’re up early, it’s a great way to shop higher stocking levels, thinner herds, and with fellow seniors who seem to be following better hygiene standards than the norm. It’s working for Diana and I!


When we moved in we asked some of the other folks here at VDO who they’d suggest for painting.

Montaño Painting’s name came back frequently and everyone’s recommendations were strong and unqualified.

Add us to the list!

Tom is the estimator, Manny and Amy own the business.

(520) 459-1130

Mark & Diana Doyle (mark at semi-local dot com)