Can’t get out? Need some help shopping?

If there is anyone here in VDO that can’t or shouldn’t go out … one of our kind neighbors, Jane Huff, has graciously volunteered to brave the shopping storm for you.

“If I go to town and could pick up something for anyone I would be honored to do so. I can leave the item on the door step if desired and you can pay me by mail or whenever all of this is over.”

huffrx at gmail dot com

Thank you Jane!



Lucy’s Warbler Nestbox Project

This spring, a handful of VDO residents are piloting a Lucy’s Warbler Nestbox Project in conjunction with Tucson Audubon Society. Resident Clark Bloom kindly built some boxes to the latest specs. Lucy’s Warblers are one of the few cavity-nesting warblers and with the loss of available nesting sites in mesquite bosques, they’re now listed as a Species of Conservation Concern. We’ll keep VDO neighbors updated as we work to provide nesting homes for these adorable warblers!

You can read about TAS’s project here: