Spring Meeting Logistics & Handouts

This is a reminder for our upcoming Annual Membership and Spring Board Meetings. (Note: We need at least five HOA households attending to meet quorum.)

When: Saturday, April 25th

Time: “Sign-in” will start at 3:50 pm. The meeting will commence promptly at 4:00 pm and conclude well before dinner.

Where: 5910 E Hunter Creek Ct. (Casa Mattingly)

Agenda: See the email from Lynn, “VDO HOA Meetings 4:00 PM, Saturday, 25-April” (dated March 13th) for the draft agenda items. Handouts are linked here: [HANDOUTS]

Social-Distancing Logistics:
1. Due to the virus, the meeting will be held on the Mattingly’s garage apron versus the dining room.
2. There will be sanitized plastic chairs spaced apart, or you can bring your own chair.
3. “Sign-in” will be by roll call rather than the usual clipboard and pen.
4. No refreshments will be offered. Bring your own beverages.
4. No handouts will be provided. Bring your own handouts, printed out from the email or link referenced above.

Hope to see you there!
Diana Doyle, Secretary