Thanks folks! If the squeaky wheel gets the grease, we apparently caused an oil spill.

CenturyLink called Lynn personally to say they heard you and the problem was found to be in the substation up on 92, affecting VDO and, in fact, many of CenturyLink’s Internet customers south of Buffalo Soldier Trail.

All should be back to normal now. But if things go sideways again … you have their number.



We’ve been experiencing widespread Internet outages the last couple days.

Please call CenturyLink and complain. Some of us have … but then CL only treats this as an individual complaint and “because of privacy” will NOT recognize this as an HOA-wide issue.

If we can successfully escalate this as an HOA-wide issue, CL will move to on-site versus remote (Tucson or Phoenix) online diagnostic and remedy attempts.

So please, call and complain.

The number to call is 855-675-3720.

Be ready with your DTN (written on your cardboard modem box).